crazy stupid love

I met my soulmate when I was fifteen years old. Our first date, we went for ice cream. After, my dad started teasing me about my ‘first date’ the way dads do. And I told him: ‘stop making a big deal, Dad. I’m going to go on lots of dates with plenty of girls.’ That was the first time I ever lied to my father. I met my soulmate when I was fifteen years old. And I have loved her with everything I have for every minute, of every day, ever since she let me buy her that first mint chip ice cream. I have loved her through the birth of our three perfect children, and I have loved her even as I’ve hated her — only married couples can truly understand that one. And I don’t know what will wind up happening with us, but I promise you this: I will never stop trying. When you find `the one’ you never give up trying… 

Vi såg på Crazy stupid love ikväll. Citatet ovan kommer från filmen och jag tycker det är så fint. Och rätt. 

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